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Taiwan’s Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, MOEA Leads Startup RocksTexas

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Everything is bigger in Texas goes the old saying, and it’s true of SXSW. Worldwide people flock to Austin, TX every year to join in on one of the biggest multifaceted festivals in the U.S.

Outside of the film, gaming, music, and comedy festivals, SXSW’s interactive festival have increasingly been a destination of startups from all over the world for being one of the biggest gatherings of creative minds to showcase their wares to. Innovative Taiwanese startups are no exception in coming to Austin and shining a light on the tech prowess of Taiwan entrepreneurs.


Bringing these Taiwanese startups all the way to Texas to introduce Taiwan's talent at SXSW 2019 is the Small Medium Enterprise Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. It’s their mission to globalize and provide the essential resources for Taiwanese businesses to excel and grow internationally.

In addition to affording the opportunity to  Taiwan startups of exhibiting at  SXSW’s interactive festival in 2019, the SMEA of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in conjunction with the Institute for Information Industry, Taiwan Startup Stadium, and the Capital Factory also hosted a networking mixer event.

Providing opportunities at home and abroad

Since  SXSW  is a  very diverse and international festival,  the  “Startup  Rocks  Texas” networking mixer event teamed up  7  startups from  Taiwan,  Germany,  Thailand, and Japan. Bringing together a group of awesome technical teams from all over the world was a major goal of the SMEA of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Realizing that going global and expanding to new markets is an essential necessity of Taiwan teams, the “StartupRocks Texas” network mixer brought together both an international lineup of startups and also a diverse audience of investors, corporate representatives, and also SXSW tech enthusiasts.


those that want to enter  Taiwan.  Next,  Peter  C.Y.  Chen,  Director  General of  TaipeiEconomic and Cultural Office in Houston addressed the audience of his office’s role as a cog in the bilateral relations for businesses between Taiwan and Texas. Following DeputyDirector  General  Pei­ Ti  Hu and  Director-General  Peter  C.Y.  Chen,  were followed by remarks from Ali Syed, International Partnerships Coordinator at the Capital Factory and Chelsea  Collier,  founder of  Digi.City,  both premier ecosystem builders in  Austin and throughout Texas.

Bringing the world to Texas

Highlighting the gathering were the global teams introducing their products and services at the “Startups Rocks Texas” networking mixer. These awesome startups included:

ucfunnel (TW), an Ad-­tech SaaS platform for publishers and advertisers.

BayPay (TW), a blockchain payment service provider.

iStaging (TW), AR/VR solutions provider for real estate and design businesses.

Cartesi (TW), A decentralized Linux infrastructure making Blockchain scalable.

• COLDPLASMATECH (DEU), Health­-tech solution that uses cold plasma to treat chronic wounds.

Cookly (Thailand), the world’s largest cooking class platform in over 100 destinations.

Cinnamon AI (JPN), A machine learning AI SaaS platform that aims to “extend human potential by eliminating repetitive tasks”

Each of these teams wowed the crowd with the cutting edge solutions to real-world problems and bottlenecks. Allowing local Austin, SXSW attendee tech enthusiasts and eco-systems participants have an opportunity to be exposed to diverse and tech-savvy startups is part of the goals of Small Medium Enterprise Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The world is getting smaller and smarter with technology and SXSW is the perfect festival to showcase these global startups and collaborations between every nation! 

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